Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Quiz question - what was Hightower's first name?

Beer Club 4 - Imbibers on Patrol Summary

A small turnout to this month's beer club, due to not actually telling anyone it was on. (We're getting busy at work!) A group of 4 imbibers managed to keep the tradition alive and hit the Rocks. It was extremely (sickly) civilised this time - starting the night off at a pizza restaurant drinking Peroni. The first cheers of the night was dedicated to the sad passing of 'Bubba' aka HighTower (See previous posts). We then moved onto The Lord Nelson Brewery, then to the Glenmore Hotel, then 50 meters down the road to The Australian, then home.... soft?

Stay tuned for Beer Club 5 - which celebrity will we kill next!?

The Glenmore Hotel Rooftop Bar - Get more than two beers up there!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Beer Club 4: Imbibers on Patrol White Board Campaign

Yes, Beer Club 4: Imbibers on Patrol is happening tonight. Why hadn't you heard about it? Because people are slack (I'm looking at you David and Ricky). There was even a white board campaign, though only completed a few days ago.

The Lord Nelson in The Rocks is the starting point. Feel free to come along.

Beer Club 4: Imbibers on Patrol

On the eve of Beer Club 4: Imbibers on Patrol, I am sad to report that Officer Hightower has passed away.


I'm sure you will all join me in a beer and a toast for such a great man.