Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Quiz question - what was Hightower's first name?

Beer Club 4 - Imbibers on Patrol Summary

A small turnout to this month's beer club, due to not actually telling anyone it was on. (We're getting busy at work!) A group of 4 imbibers managed to keep the tradition alive and hit the Rocks. It was extremely (sickly) civilised this time - starting the night off at a pizza restaurant drinking Peroni. The first cheers of the night was dedicated to the sad passing of 'Bubba' aka HighTower (See previous posts). We then moved onto The Lord Nelson Brewery, then to the Glenmore Hotel, then 50 meters down the road to The Australian, then home.... soft?

Stay tuned for Beer Club 5 - which celebrity will we kill next!?

The Glenmore Hotel Rooftop Bar - Get more than two beers up there!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Beer Club 4: Imbibers on Patrol White Board Campaign

Yes, Beer Club 4: Imbibers on Patrol is happening tonight. Why hadn't you heard about it? Because people are slack (I'm looking at you David and Ricky). There was even a white board campaign, though only completed a few days ago.

The Lord Nelson in The Rocks is the starting point. Feel free to come along.

Beer Club 4: Imbibers on Patrol

On the eve of Beer Club 4: Imbibers on Patrol, I am sad to report that Officer Hightower has passed away.


I'm sure you will all join me in a beer and a toast for such a great man.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Beer Club Bible

A book that should be thought of as The Beer Club Bible.


And a list of those of Australia...

3 Ravens White
Alpha Pale Ale
Black Wattle Original Ale
Bluetongue Traditional Pilsner
Cascade Stout
Christmas Ale
Coopers Best Extra Stout
Coopers Extra Strong Vintage Ale
Coopers Sparkling Ale
Dogbolter Dark Lager
First Harvest Ale
Forester Pale Ale
Burleigh Brewing Hef
Mountain Goat Hightail Ale
Huon Dark Ale
James Boag’s Premium Lager
James Squire Golden Ale
James Squire Original Amber Ale
James Squire Pilsener
Knappstein Reserve Lager
Little Creatures Pale Ale
Moo Brew Pilsner
Grand Ridge Moonshine
Murray’s Best Extra Porter
Red Duck Porter
Redoak Baltic Porter
Redoak Framboise Froment
Redoak Special Reserve
Rogers’ Beer
Red Hill Scotch
Southwark Old Stout
Stone & Wood Pale Lager

So now Beer Club has a mission!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Beer Club 2.5: Seven Pubs, in Seven hours, in the Seventh Month

A huge effort by the Beer Club disciples this month visiting an impressive 7 Pubs! Special thanks to Emer, Evren & Josh for making the trip out of the city. Highlight for me was David being asked to stand on one leg for 5 seconds to gain access to the Fringe Bar. He was unsuccessful, but the bouncers awarded him access for effort.

Pubs visited:

Pub 1 - The Beresford
Pub 2 - Name this Bar ? (Mystery Bar!)

Chair of the night
Pint glass with thumb resting crevice
Happy customers
An evil Bec approaches

Pub 3 – Rose, Shamrock & Thistle (3 Weeds)

Pub 4 – The Fringe Bar

Long distance mind meld
"The merge has been successful"

Pub 5 – Durcy Nellys (had the name wrong)

Out the front: Marc, Evren, David, Ricky, Josh & Matt

Pub 6 – The Royal Hotel
Pub 7 – The Lord Dudley

Lord Dudley Motor Vehicle
A fitting end