Monday, 4 July 2011

Beer Club 2.5: Seven Pubs, in Seven hours, in the Seventh Month

A huge effort by the Beer Club disciples this month visiting an impressive 7 Pubs! Special thanks to Emer, Evren & Josh for making the trip out of the city. Highlight for me was David being asked to stand on one leg for 5 seconds to gain access to the Fringe Bar. He was unsuccessful, but the bouncers awarded him access for effort.

Pubs visited:

Pub 1 - The Beresford
Pub 2 - Name this Bar ? (Mystery Bar!)

Chair of the night
Pint glass with thumb resting crevice
Happy customers
An evil Bec approaches

Pub 3 – Rose, Shamrock & Thistle (3 Weeds)

Pub 4 – The Fringe Bar

Long distance mind meld
"The merge has been successful"

Pub 5 – Durcy Nellys (had the name wrong)

Out the front: Marc, Evren, David, Ricky, Josh & Matt

Pub 6 – The Royal Hotel
Pub 7 – The Lord Dudley

Lord Dudley Motor Vehicle
A fitting end

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