Thursday, 30 June 2011

Beer Club 2.5: whiteboard campaign

Even after our whiteboard campaign the number of participants has dropped rapidly. The club must go on! As Marc says "the beer still taste the same", lets hope he's right!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Beer Club 2.5: Watering holes

As with all beer clubs, there is no real itinerary. The only certainty is the first pub... which will be The Beresford Hotel.. which we missed last time, due to group hunger.

6pm  The Beresford Hotel
A little bit fancy pants. Good selection of beers and not bad food.

Pub 2 – The Beauchamp Hotel
Fancy pants. We might walk past.

Pub 3 – Rose Shamrock & Thistle (3 Weeds)
Never been here, but looks ok.

Pub 4 – The Fringe Bar (Warning: uni bar)
Bit of a dive, but could be fun.

If we head to five ways:

Royal Hotel
Good  drinking venue

Four in hand
Looks good. We should visit if we head 5 ways direction.

 If we head up oxford street:

The Print Room
Never been here, looks small & Irish.

The Grand National
Very small – could be to small.

The London
Could be very busy. Not a bad pub.

Hopefully end up here… we should make an effort – david might get homesick (or beer sick):

The Lord Dudley

Dry July or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Drink the Beer

I just had a sudden realisation (via twitter and other social media) that our next beer club kicks off on the first day of Dry July.

So, while you could ponder the coincidence, time and space ramifications, and possibility of repent. I like to focus on the positive aspects: We will be doing our bit for local business during their tough times ahead.

It is a great cause though, so do sign up if you're feeling up to it:

Monday, 6 June 2011

Friday 1st of July - Beer Club 2.5: the smell of beer

Place it into your calendars - if its not already there. Post your suggestions on where we should visit. This one is looking like the group could be significantly larger!

Prizes for the first correct guess of the film reference. Prizes are of no monetary value, and may well be a figment of a shared imagination or consciousness.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Beer club whiteboard campaign

Beer Club II: Electric Boogaloo

Beer Club II: Friday, 3 June 2011

After a bad bus choice (by the self appointed pub crawl leader) and a few wrong turns, we were finally pointed in the right direction by a friendly-civilian and arrived at the rendezvous point - The Cricketers Arms.

1. The Cricketers Arms Hotel (Pub of the night!)

"Hey Door staff - can you take a photo for us" D.Berry

The arrival of Josh
Guest appearance from Ben (left)

2. The Local Taphouse

Downstairs bar

3. Food stop & beer - Mad Mex

Marc - Thumbs up. Matt - Jury out

Instructions - how to eat a burrito
iPhone camera - just doesn't do the job

Happy customer

4. The Lounge

The Lounge

5. Macquarie Hotel

Harry Houdini(s) Disappearance - Ricky, Marcello & Josh

6. Crown Hotel

Beer Club I: A New Hope

When was this and where did we go? Who knows! It was too long ago, however here's a bunch of pictures that portray pretty much every pub we went to.

1. Scary pub
- the Tea Gardens, Bondi Junction. Full of fluorescent people.

2. The Eastern Hotel

3. -

4. Another pub - The Sugar Mill, Kings Cross (Pub of the Night award!)

5. Another one

6. The Courthouse Hotel

Marcelo and Marc were the last surviving members