Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Beer Club 2.5: Watering holes

As with all beer clubs, there is no real itinerary. The only certainty is the first pub... which will be The Beresford Hotel.. which we missed last time, due to group hunger.

6pm  The Beresford Hotel
A little bit fancy pants. Good selection of beers and not bad food.

Pub 2 – The Beauchamp Hotel
Fancy pants. We might walk past.

Pub 3 – Rose Shamrock & Thistle (3 Weeds)
Never been here, but looks ok.

Pub 4 – The Fringe Bar (Warning: uni bar)
Bit of a dive, but could be fun.

If we head to five ways:

Royal Hotel
Good  drinking venue

Four in hand
Looks good. We should visit if we head 5 ways direction.

 If we head up oxford street:

The Print Room
Never been here, looks small & Irish.

The Grand National
Very small – could be to small.

The London
Could be very busy. Not a bad pub.

Hopefully end up here… we should make an effort – david might get homesick (or beer sick):

The Lord Dudley

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